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Value Advantage

That’s what we call the series of services you receive at no extra cost on every job we produce for you.

Value from our Prepress Department
•    Inspect documents for correct size and margins to ensure they will print & finish as intended. 
•    Make sure your document will fit multiple up on a sheet when possible. 
•    Check fold positions for correct production output.
•    Check document colors.
•    Identify and remove hidden colors in black & white files. 
•    Make color corrections as needed. 
•    Eliminate any unused or extra spot colors. 
•    Eliminate any unused links for smoother file processing
•    Check and extend bleed allowances as needed. 
•    Inspect photos/pictures for correct print resolution. 
•    Photo correction, when requested. 
•    Verify that all fonts and elements needed for the job are included in the packaged file. 
•    Verify that fonts are working properly.
•    Troubleshoot file to ensure that there will be no problems through the entire workflow process. 
•    Paginate booklet files as needed.

Value from other Departments

Best Solution promise 

Your CSR or Sales Representative will automatically evaluate the multiple ways to produce your project and will choose the best way – not the most expensive – to proceed. 

Easy Find Artwork File Storage for easy future retrieval

Each order produced from a file (whether you supply it or we design it for you) is stored numerically by invoice # on our secure off-site cloud server.

2nd Set of Eyes*

Every designed printed piece deserves a second set of eyes. Our CSR’s & Sales Representatives actually look at the pieces we print for you. 
*While we frequently find and avoid costly errors in supplied design files, this is not guaranteed. Express Press is not responsible for errors discovered in customer-supplied files. 

E-mail response within 3 hours of order receipt

Our web-to-print system automatically lets you know we’ve received your orders, but if you e-mail your order in directly, we’ll also let you know that it arrived safely and that we’re on it.

Auto-seeding on every mailing project

You, or someone you designate (along with your Express Press Sales rep!) will automatically receive, by mail, a copy of each project you have us mail for you.

Mail Drop Notification 

You will receive an e-mailed notification that your mailing project has been delivered to the post office. No more wondering when or even if your project gets mailed.

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