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Mailing Services

It’s all about responses and the return on your investment.

Express Press, an official business partner of the United States Postal Service, will address, insert, seal, sort mail and deliver your project to the post office. We can help you reach your audience with a relevant and targeted message and offer by providing lists and databases of your desired demographic group. We not only acquire the list, but we have powerful tools to help you determine who you should be targeting based on your current customers. We can even personalize each mail piece to allow you to better connect with your target audience.

With our CASS certification and Intelligent Barcoding software, we can reduce your overall postage costs. NCOA (National Change of Address) will assure you that your contact addresses remain accurate.

Our digital mailing center specializes in accuracy and rapid turnaround times. Whether your mail job consists of 200 letters or 2 million postcards, you will be able to rest easy knowing Express Press is on the job. Have your project designed, produced and mailed by Express Press today!

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